Design Challenge - Better Event Check-Ins

Taking on the challenge of a three hour design window.

These screens are part of a design challenge that was issued to job prospects. The challenge was to design a few screens illustrating an attendee at a conference style event who wants to check in to a panel, to view the details of a panel, and to be offered a wait list slot for a full panel.

The Challenge

The process was very simply sketched out, and I was instructed to do a very limited walk through and not to focus on creating a very detailed workflow. So for this design, very few parameters were illustrated beyond a simple dashboard, a list of events with the option to view the detail, and a drastically simplified check-in process. On the event staff side, I was instructed to provide both a strict check-in process where the attendee was turned away, and a wait list option. These options are viewed sequentially in the Event Staff prototype.

The Process

Since this was a time-limited challenge, I was only able to rely on the parameters outlined in the challenge document, and for this example I created a user persona for the attendee (Mid-thirties project manager, very familiar with technology, very impatient with delays and wanting to know the bare details of what, when and where) as well as for the event staff (Older male, possibly temporary staff, not as familiar with technology, needs a very simple interface to allow a few basic functions that he will repeat dozens of times in a day). The other assumptions made were that the conference was simply re-branding an existing application, and that considerations such as an event map or contact information were not required for this challenge.

The User Experience

Based on these assumptions and within the limited time offered for the challenge, I was able to create both sides' views of a simple check-in procedure that would serve the needs of both users, and supply basic information and functionality that would be of use to them. For the attendee, the ability to open the detailed description for a panel was seen as a necessary step. I also wanted to provide an obvious way to check on a waitlisted event's status. For the event staff, the check in process was reduced to a few simple workflows represented by the buttons Scan, Mark Attended, Add to List, and Return. Given enough time, I feel that I could have fleshed out the application more fully, but this was not the point of the challenge.

Walk-throughs and Prototypes

Here are a few files that represent this work. First, two PDF walkthroughs that illustrate each step. Secondly two interactive prototypes simulate clicking through the application.

Event Attendee Walkthrough
Event Staff Walkthrough

Event Attendee Prototype
Event Staff Prototype