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Tara Sudweeks Willgues

Tara Sudweeks Willgues

I'm an IT veteran of two decades' experience in the online world. I've worked for companies small and large, and in many different environments.

I have had experience working in government and in the financial, telecommunications and healthcare sectors. Throughout my career, I have been a graphic artist, a webmaster and now specialize in front end development with an emphasis on UI / UX Engineering.

Please note - all of my most important and long-term projects regarding UI/UX development have been on internal software / web projects, and as a result I cannot show my work online. I am happy to bring my portfolio and work examples to an in-person discussion, and I can talk about the project in broad generalities online, but am bound by non-disclosure agreements and so cannot show the graphical progression of my work on the web. Please check out my Fidelity Investments and Verisk Health Case Studies for more discussion on my process and work in the UI / UX field.


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current - 2010

2017 - 2018

Sr. Interactions Designer UI/UX - ChartLogic, Inc.

Responsible for primary interface design and UI/UX development of products across several healthcare industry platforms such as EHR, practice management, and ambulatory care.

2013 - 2017

UX Engineer - Verisk Health / Verscend

My main project was an internal software redesign from a user-centric viewpoint. Central duties included creating mockups, designing and consulting on workflows and environment efficiency. I

2010 - 2013

Webmaster / UI/UX / Front End Developer - HealthEquity

Primary responsibilities included creation and management of all public facing company websites, including administration of the Sitecore CMS system and associated web servers.

2010 - older


UI / UX Designer / Web Design - State of Utah

Graphic, UI, UX and Web design for the Department of Workforce Services. Primary design, color, and user interface consultation for new web sites. Responsibilities included creative consultation, construction of initial draft and final designs, icons, architecture and "look & feel".

2008 - 2010

UI Developer / Web Developer - Fidelity

Responsible for web, UI and graphic design for Fidelity Technology Group. User Experience and Interaction expert. Produced wireframes, storyboards, themes, color palettes, logos and styles. Emphasis on user interface design and data visualization.

2006 - 2008

Global Webmaster - Teleperformance

Global webmaster directly responsible for 14 company sites including the global portal in 3 languages, administered through a content management system (CMS). Primary responsibilities included administering and updating websites, new website and content creation, interfacing with management, marketing, systems and engineering teams.






my portfolio

Case Studies

HealthEquity - Website Woes

Building a new website and looking toward the future

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Fidelity - Moving from the Mainframe

Bringing a venerable institution's aging software into the new century

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Verisk - Efficiency Rules

Measuring efficiency through workflows and work-hours

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